Our Story

Hey, girl! 
We’re elated you’re here and thank God for YOU!!
The Statement Piece (TSP) was created by two sisters dedicated to building a community of well heeled women who love everything that begins and ends with accessories.
TSP cater to women who demand excellence, exude class, and don’t like to look like the crowd. You are set apart & so is your style. The LORD didn’t create you to be basic!
We boldly opened TSP in 2020 during a pandemic with an aim to help you create a bangin' style because lookin’ basic ain’t it, chile! 
Girl, God made you special. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and our products cater to this.
TSP’s here for you from your first date, girls night out, wedding, and everything in between.
We love you and pray you feel how beautiful and special you are each time you rock our pieces. You ARE blessed in Jesus’ name!
Welcome to TSP Life. Thank you for letting us serve you, sis.
With Love,
Tamika + Shermika